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25 Years of Wyandotte Powwow

Click here to download the audio presentation, You’ve Come A Long Way, by Barbara Kyser-Collier during the 11th Annual Gathering on September 12, 2014.


EPA recognizes Wyandotte Nation for Tar Creek efforts

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality recognized the Wyandotte Nation for its work on Tar Creek projects.

“This was specifically for our yard clean-up efforts and we brought them (EPA) to Wyandotte, to our tribal areas, to sample for lead and we didn’t have any high hits in lead thankfully,” said Christen Lee, Wyandotte Nation Environmental Director. “We are happy to work with them and we continue to work with them on different aspects of the project.”

For full story, click here.


Indian Trust Settlement

The Garden City Group with the Indian Trust Settlement is seeking out tribal citizens who may be eligible members of this class action law suit.  Please check out this link to see if you or family members are listed.  This is only a list of those citizens of whom they don’t have good addresses.  It is not a complete list of those eligible.

If you received a letter from the Settlement asking for your Individual Indian Money (IIM) Account number, please contact the Office of the Special Trustee at 918-453-5714.


We’re on Facebook!

Stay up to date: Visit the Wyandotte Nation Facebook page. Click on the button below and ‘Like Us.’ There you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow Wyandottes, Wyandotte Nation staff, family and friends, as well as see all the latest news, photos and video from various tribe activities. FB


The Wyandotte Nation Culture Committee has been working with Dr. Craig Kopris to develop a language revitalization program for our citizens. The committee would like to ask as few questions to better prepare tools that can be used for this purpose. Please click here and help by completing the survey.



Wyandotte Nation Supplemental Healthcare Benefit

For questions about this program please contact Dana Butterfield at x6319 or Tara Gragg at x6355.


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