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Attention Tribal Citizens:

Changes to benefits offered through Bearskin Healthcare & Wellness Center.  As of October 1, 2017, to be eligible for clinic services, including Wyandotte Adult Dental, Optometry, Audiology, Children’s Dental or Adult Emergency Dental, patients must be seen by a Bearskin Healthcare Provider once every three years.  The initial visit must take place before patient may become eligible.

If you have any questions, please call 918-678-3222.

Benny Card Notice:

Benny cards are being mailed to replace those that were issued with the incorrect number to contact CoreSource.  The contact number on the back of the card should read 800-990-9058.

Waco Town Hall meeting

Saturday, April 1, 2017
Hilton Waco
113 S University Parks Drive, Waco, TX

Meeting will begin at 10:00 am. Lunch will be provided and there will be time in the afternoon for socializing and Q&A. Tribal citizens who reside in the State of Texas should have received a letter with additional detail. We ask that citizens RSVP for the meeting if they plan to attend. For questions or to RSVP please call or email the following:
Leeanna Radabaugh 918-678-6329 LRADABAUGH@WYANDOTTE-NATION.ORG

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*The program year began on January 1st and all active accounts were renewed. You will use your existing card until the expiration date at which time new cards will be sent.
*You can not use your Benny card for expenses that were incurred in 2016. If you have remaining funds from 2016 you have until February 28, 2017 to file a claim for reimbursement for eligible expenses. No exceptions. Claim forms can be found on the CoreSource website or by contacting the Family Services Department.
*Benny cards that were issued in December had an incorrect number. The correct number to call CoreSource is 800-990-9058 and ext 42086 will get you directly to a representative on our account. New cards WILL be sent to replace those at a later date.
*You can check account balances by calling the above CoreSource phone number during business hours or through the website 24/7 by setting up online access at
*Over the counter medications such as pain relievers and cold remedies can’t be purchased with the Benny card. However, some OTC medications are reimbusable if found medically neccessary by a physician.
*Statements are mailed quarterly with balances. If you aren’t receiving your statements please contact the Family Services Department to update your address.
As always the Family Services staff is available to assist you with the program, but there instances where we will need to refer you to CoreSource if we don’t know the answer. Please feel free to call and visit with us if you have questions about this program or any other programs facilitated by the Family Services Department.
Dana Butterfield, Director 918-678-6319
Tara Gragg, ICW Supervisor 918-678-6355
Leeanna Radabaugh, Assistant 918-678-6329
Tiffany Garner, ICW Worker/DV Advocate 918-678-6324

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Public Notice: Transportation Projects

The Wyandotte Nation has selected the following projects to fulfill the functions and duties of the Secretary of the Interior in accordance with the requirements of the 25 CFR 170 in carrying out a planning process and in developing the Transportation Improvement Program for 2017.

Project 1 – Route 125 Reconstruction of 645 north of Hwy 60 to Northern Border of Wyandotte Nation OTSA. This project in planning stage.

Project 2 – Route 170 Reconstruction of 640 Road, from Jackpot Road north to Hwy 60 including extensive drainage features.  Will be developing construction plans.

For additional information please contact Ron Kaiser at (918)-678-6325.

(See map)


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Supplemental Health Benefit Renewed

The Supplemental Health Benefit (aka the Benny card) will be renewed once again for 2016.  January 1, 2016 each Wyandotte Nation adult citizen account will be reloaded with $1,000 and each family account with $2,000.  The definition of a family account is an adult enrolled Wyandotte Nation citizen with enrolled dependents under the age of 18.

If you have any questions regarding specific approved items or vendors please contact CoreSource directly at 800-990-9058 x42086.  If you have questions regarding eligibility you can contact the Wyandotte Nation Family Services Deptartment at 918-678-6319 or 918-678-6329.


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Indian Trust Settlement

The Garden City Group with the Indian Trust Settlement is seeking out tribal citizens who may be eligible members of this class action law suit.  Please check out this link to see if you or family members are listed.  This is only a list of those citizens of whom they don’t have good addresses.  It is not a complete list of those eligible.

If you received a letter from the Settlement asking for your Individual Indian Money (IIM) Account number, please contact the Office of the Special Trustee at 918-453-5714.

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Traditional Stories on iTunes

We are pleased to announce that some of our talented summer youth have been working hard to illustrate some of our traditional Wyandotte stories. Two of these stories are available now on iTunes. They are currently only available for Apple devices. We are in the process of making those available for android users. Will post when these are available. The book is entitled “Wyandotte Traditional Stories Vol. 1”.

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Sr. Turtles Gift Shop Cookbook

The Senior Turtles are putting together Vol. 3 of the Wyandotte Nation Cookbook. We invite you to submit your favorite recipe! Please provide your name and tribal affiliation. To submit your recipe, you may email it to or mail to the address below. Deadline to submit recipes will be July 1, 2017.

Sr. Turtles Gift Shop
c/o Wyandotte Nation
64700 E. Highway 60
Wyandotte, OK 74370


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Wyandotte Nation Supplemental Healthcare Benefit

For questions about this program please contact Dana Butterfield at x6319 or Tara Gragg at x6355.

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