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The 2017 Gathering – Bringing History Home

The schedule and registration is now available for The 2017 Gathering  – Bringing History Home, to be held Wednesday – Friday, September 6 – 8 at the Bearskin Gym.



You won’t want to miss out this year.  Activities include: visit the Johnson and Wyandotte Cemeteries, a “Remembrance Walk”, learn about Wampum Belts and how to safeguard your past with new tools for preserving your Wyandot Heritage.  On Friday a very special announcement and presentation that is not listed on the schedule will be made that you don’t want to miss.

We will offer four different Art classes this year on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.   Each person attending will need to select their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice class.  You will be placed in your 1st and 2nd choice class till the class is full.  You would then be placed in your 3rd choice class if class is not full.  Class roosters will be generated in the order registration was received.  So register early.

Lunch will be provided Wednesday – Friday, and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday evenings with social time after.  Social time will include not only a time to visit but to dance, play games and share.  We will have show and tell after dinner Thursday.    Come share a story from your family’s past of how they celebrated their Wyandotte heritage, or maybe you have stories from family, of their time in Ohio to Kansas to Oklahoma.  If you have any old pictures, artifacts or memorabilia from Wyandotte past, please bring to show and tell.  It should be a fantastic evening.

If you have any questions please email or call Debbie Dry at the tribal office at 918-678-6315

Click here to view The 2017 Gathering Schedule

Click here to register for The Gathering

School Supply Program expanded to nationwide Beginning July 1st


The School Supply program will be available beginning July 1st and for the first time will be available to all enrolled tribal citizens pre-K through grade 12 regardless of where they live! Applications will be available online, in the office or can be mailed to you beginning July 1st. Walmart gift cards will still be available to residents of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Tribal citizens who reside outside of the 4 states will be required to use the reimbursement program. For those who have utilized the program in the past please note the following change, original applications and receipts will be required. We will no longer accept applications and receipts via fax or email.

The program is available from July 1st – September 30th. Applications MUST be received or postmarked by September 30th to be eligible AND the receipts MUST also be dated between July 1st and September 30th. NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be additional instructions along with the applications, but if you have any questions regarding eligible expenditures, how to complete the form, etc. please feel free to contact the Family Services Department at 918-678-6329 or 918-678-6319.

Reminder to all Bearskin Clinic Tribal Patients:

All appointments, including optometry, dental, audiology and PRC (Purchased/Referred Care), x-ray, laboratory, etc., must be approved prior to visit!
Failure to do so will result in denial of payment.

Honor Guard looking to add youth  program

The Wyandotte Nation Honor Guard is exploring the opportunity to create a Junior Warrior Program. Participants can be either male or female, ages 12-17. The program will focus on mentoring of youth by using discipline, respect, tradition and community service. Participants will be asked to participate in a weekend training event and then support the Honor Guard at Pow Wows and other ceremonies. Members will be required to participate in quarterly community service events. Ribbon shirts and other items will be supplied at no cost to the participants.

We are looking for young people who have a strong desire to give back to the Nation and who will be good role models for their fellow youths.

For more information or to volunteer contact Dave Culver at

Important Election Information

To vote in the election that will be held at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 9th tribal citizens MUST present their Photo ID Citizenship card OR a non photo Citizenship card/Membership card AND a valid photo ID (i.e. drivers license).

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Public Notice: Annual Meeting & Election

On September 09, 2017 the Wyandotte Nation shall hold their Annual Meeting and Election at the Bearskin Healthcare and Wellness Center near Wyandotte, Oklahoma. The Election will begin at 9:00 a.m.

The purpose of the election is to elect the following positions:

  • Chief
  • 3 Board of Director members
  • 3 Grievance Committee members

The term of each position is four years. Current members shall hold their office until successors are duly elected and given their oath of office.

The opening date to file for candidacy is May 12, 2017 with the closing date June 12, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. All qualified members of the Wyandotte Nation who desire his or her name to be placed on the ballot as a candidate for Elective Office must file a “Declaration of Candidacy” in person with the Election Board Secretary or a designated representative at the Wyandotte Nation Administration Building located at 64700 E Hwy 60, Wyandotte, Oklahoma. No person shall be a candidate for more than one office at any one time. All such filings of Declaration of Candidacy must be filed no sooner than May 12, 2017 and no later than June 12, 2017. No later than three days following the close of the filing period, the Election Board Secretary shall cause to be posted at the Tribal Complex a complete list of all candidates along with their respective office of candidacy.

A filing fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be assessed for each candidate filing for Chief and Board of Directors. Ten dollars ($10.00) will be assessed for Grievance Committee candidates. Each candidate for Elective Office shall be assessed these fees payable to the Wyandotte Nation by Certified Check, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order. These fees shall be used for election purposes. The filing fee shall be paid on the same date the prospective candidate submits his or her Declaration of Candidacy. Said filing fee is non-refundable.

POLLING PLACE: The official polling place for all Tribal Elections shall be the Bearskin Healthcare and Wellness Center Classroom, Wyandotte, Oklahoma. The polling shall be opened from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Any voter in line at the polling place but unable to cast a ballot before 11:00 a.m. will be allowed to finish voting. The polling place shall be staffed by at least two (2) polling officials designated by the Election Board.

Each voter will be required to present a photo ID and Tribal Membership Card. If the Tribal Membership Card has a photo on it, this will satisfy both of these requirements.

— Rob Nesvold, Chairperson, Wyandotte Nation Election Board

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 Attention Tribal Citizens:

Changes to benefits offered through Bearskin Healthcare & Wellness Center.  As of October 1, 2017, to be eligible for clinic services, including Wyandotte Adult Dental, Optometry, Audiology, Children’s Dental or Adult Emergency Dental, patients must be seen by a Bearskin Healthcare Provider once every three years.  The initial visit must take place before patient may become eligible.

If you have any questions, please call 918-678-3222.

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*The program year began on January 1st and all active accounts were renewed. You will use your existing card until the expiration date at which time new cards will be sent.
*You can not use your Benny card for expenses that were incurred in 2016. If you have remaining funds from 2016 you have until February 28, 2017 to file a claim for reimbursement for eligible expenses. No exceptions. Claim forms can be found on the CoreSource website or by contacting the Family Services Department.
*Benny cards that were issued in December had an incorrect number. The correct number to call CoreSource is 800-990-9058 and ext 42086 will get you directly to a representative on our account. New cards WILL be sent to replace those at a later date.
*You can check account balances by calling the above CoreSource phone number during business hours or through the website 24/7 by setting up online access at
*Over the counter medications such as pain relievers and cold remedies can’t be purchased with the Benny card. However, some OTC medications are reimbusable if found medically neccessary by a physician.
*Statements are mailed quarterly with balances. If you aren’t receiving your statements please contact the Family Services Department to update your address.
As always the Family Services staff is available to assist you with the program, but there instances where we will need to refer you to CoreSource if we don’t know the answer. Please feel free to call and visit with us if you have questions about this program or any other programs facilitated by the Family Services Department.
Dana Butterfield, Director 918-678-6319
Tara Gragg, ICW Supervisor 918-678-6355
Leeanna Radabaugh, Assistant 918-678-6329
Tiffany Garner, ICW Worker/DV Advocate 918-678-6324

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Public Notice: Transportation Projects

The Wyandotte Nation has selected the following projects to fulfill the functions and duties of the Secretary of the Interior in accordance with the requirements of the 25 CFR 170 in carrying out a planning process and in developing the Transportation Improvement Program for 2017.

Project 1 – Route 125 Reconstruction of 645 north of Hwy 60 to Northern Border of Wyandotte Nation OTSA. This project in planning stage.

Project 2 – Route 170 Reconstruction of 640 Road, from Jackpot Road north to Hwy 60 including extensive drainage features.  Will be developing construction plans.

For additional information please contact Ron Kaiser at (918)-678-6325.

(See map)


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Traditional Stories on iTunes

We are pleased to announce that some of our talented summer youth have been working hard to illustrate some of our traditional Wyandotte stories. Two of these stories are available now on iTunes. They are currently only available for Apple devices. We are in the process of making those available for android users. Will post when these are available. The book is entitled “Wyandotte Traditional Stories Vol. 1”.

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Sr. Turtles Gift Shop Cookbook

The Senior Turtles are putting together Vol. 3 of the Wyandotte Nation Cookbook. We invite you to submit your favorite recipe! Please provide your name and tribal affiliation. To submit your recipe, you may email it to or mail to the address below. Deadline to submit recipes will be July 1, 2017.

Sr. Turtles Gift Shop
c/o Wyandotte Nation
64700 E. Highway 60
Wyandotte, OK 74370

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