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24th Annual Wyandotte Nation Pow-Wow flyer

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The Gathering of Traditions

Hello, Friends –My name is Catherine Coon Johnson. I was born in 1851. I am a Wyandotte, of the Deer Clan. My Wyandotte name, Ya rona’a wi, means “she is sailing or floating in the sky.” WELCOME! Let me invite you to … Continue reading

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Online Language Lessons

The Wyandotte Nation is pleased to announce that in the coming weeks Dr. Craig Kopris will be posting material focusing on Wandat, our traditional language. Dr. Kopris will be posting a new word or phrase each week for anyone interested … Continue reading

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Uskwe’ etra

Uskwe’ etra Uskwe’ etra is the Wyandotte word for headdress. The following quotes about the traditional Wyandotte headdress are excerpts from a letter written by Charles Aubrey Buser. Mr. Buser was asked about traditional Wyandotte Clothing.  The full text can … Continue reading

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