Culture Days

10th Annual Wyandotte Nation Culture Days
September 11-13, 2013


Every four years the citizens of our great nation come together to select our principal chief. Have our chiefs always been elected by the Nations Council? No. In the old days our chiefs were selected by the Clan Mothers from a hereditary line of chiefs from the Deer, Bear or Big Turtle clans. We will discuss and discover how the process has changed and adapted over the centuries.  The Wyandotte Nation has been blessed with some wise, compassionate yet protective chiefs from the first days of our dispersal in 1649-50. If it were not for our great chiefs it is doubtful we would be here today. This year we are going to celebrate and take a look at both Wyandotte Civil Government and our Chiefs.

You do not want to miss the 10th anniversary of Culture Days. Great things will happen and as always, being with family from Anderdon, Kansas and Oklahoma is a special time to share.

This year we are going to sit down as one people – as united Wyandots from Anderdon, Kansas and Oklahoma  and make a Wampum Belt of Friendship. We are asking that designs be submitted for the belt and one design will be selected by the Culture Committee. After our evening dinners all participants will be given a little history on Wampum Belts as we make one new. The belt will be placed in our upcoming culture center/museum to forever remind us that we are one people even though we separated into three distinct bands.

Please follow these specific requirements:

The design must consist of three colors. One color will represent the Wyandotte Nation; the second will represent the Wyandot of Anderdon Nation; and the third will represent the Wyandot Nation of Kansas. You may choose three colors from the four colors listed. Each color would best represent the colors used by our ancestors as seen in traditional wampum belts; white, cream, cobalt or purple. We will be using glass wampum and each will be 3.5mm wide x 10 mm long.

There will be 12 rows of wampum representing our 12 clans.

There will be 146 wampum in each row representing the number of years since the Treaty of 1867.

There will be a total 1752 wampum closely representing the year Sastaretsi died, the last full-blood Wyandot chief of the ancient bloodline to serve his people.

The overall belt dimension will be approximately 4 1/2″ wide x 18 1/4″ long.

Please submit your designs no later than August 12, 2013. If you have a design you would like to submit email it to culture@ (the name of our website) or mail it to the Tribal Heritage Department.

See you on September!

Click here for the 2013 Culture Days schedule.


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