1999 Wendat Confederacy

From left to right: Chief Janith K. English, Wyandot Nation of Kansas; Second Chief Jim Bland, Wyandotte Nation; Chief Willie Piccard, Huron Wendat of Wendake and Spokesperson Steven A. Gronda, Wyandot Nation of Anderdon

The Modern Wendat Confederacy
 – August 27, 1999

Over ten generations ago, the Wendat people were driven to many directions from our beloved homeland.  Today, 350 years later, we stand with our children  and grand children at our sides and come together once again to affirm the Wendat Confederacy. With gratitude to the Creator and the reverent thanksgiving of kinship, we light the council fire and invite all who come in a spirit of peace and brotherhood to enjoy its warmth.

The Wendat tree of brotherhood has sent out four strong roots to form four nations, each on separate and growing in different directions, yet each adding strength to the whole.  These four roots feed the branches of our families and clans so that the Wendat people may endure and flourish through ten more generations.  May we sit in the shade and watch the council fire as we meet together to affirm the bond of the Confederacy.  May our hearts be pure and our minds clean as we act in a manner that will bring honor to the ancestors and hope to our children.

The Wendat Peacemaker once outlined the path toward unity.  Leaders were admonished to never disagree seriously among themselves, for to do might cause the loss of rights of their grandchildren.  May we always cultivate feelings of friendship, love, and honor for each other so that the good tidings of Peace and Power of Righteousness will be our guide.

May our leaders endeavor to serve each nation in a manner that will bring peace, happiness and prosperity for all the people.  May the thickness of our skin be seven spans – which is to say the span should protect against anger, offensive actions, and criticism.  May our hearts be full of peace and good will and our minds filled with a yearning for the welfare of the people of the Confederacy.  With endless patience, may we fulfill our duty, and may our firmness be tempered with tenderness and compassion.  May neither anger nor fury find lodging in our minds; and may all our words and actions be marked by calm deliberation.

Finally, if any nation of the Confederacy should ever need help. let it call out the others to come to its aid.  We vow to attempt to work together in a way that the embers of long ago council fires may be fanned  into a flame of kinship, culture and love that will warm countless generations of Wendat people.

Chief Willie Piccard, Huron Wendat of Wendake
Chief Leaford Bearkin, Wyandott Nation of Oklahoma
Second Chief Jim Bland, Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma
Chief Janith K. English, Wyandot Nation of Kansas
Spokesperson Steven A. Gronda, Wyandot Nation of Anderdon

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