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Wyandotte Nation breaks ground on new admin building

After constructing many walls and rearranging offices over the past 41 years, the Wyandotte Nation will have a new building to call home as the Tribe broke ground Thursday, Sept. 26, on its new Administration Building.

“It’s a great day, it’s a great day for us, it’s a great day for the Wyandotte Nation, and I just want to say thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting,” said Wyandotte Nation Chief Billy Friend to a crowd of onlookers. “It is something we have dreamed about for a long time, and now it is going to become a reality for us — we are looking forward to it.”

(From left) Wyandotte Nation Board of Directors Juanita McQuistion, Vivian Fink, Ramona Reid, Second Chief Norman Hildebrand, and Chief Billy Friend take the ceremonial scoop of dirt for the groundbreaking of the new Administration Building Thursday, Sept. 26. (Photo: William Swaim/Wyandotte Nation)

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Tribe raising awareness for domestic violence problem

The Wyandotte Nation continued its ongoing support to protect victims of domestic violence by signing a proclamation Thursday in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Chief Billy Friend signed the proclamation on behalf of the Tribe.

Chief Friend thanked the Wyandotte Nation domestic violence and sexual assault victim advocates.

“They work tirelessly around the clock many times, advocating for those in this area, being an advocate for those who have been victims of domestic violence,” Chief Friend said. “We appreciate them and we appreciate the work that they do.”

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Wyandotte Nation Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Advocate Cesilie Hale (left) and Lisa Arnold (right), Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Advocate/Educator Supervisor, look on as Chief Billy Friend signs the proclamation. (William Swaim/Wyandotte Nation)

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(Re)Launching of our YouTube Channel

We are launching a new YouTube channel where we will post Q&A’s, informational, events, crafts videos and much more. If you were subscribed to the old channel, please visit and subscribe to the new channel. Hit the notification tab to stay in the know when we post videos and don’t forget to hit the ‘like’ button on the content you do see. When we have enough subscribers we will change to a custom site link, until then, find us at the linked site:

Wyandotte Nation YouTube Channel

Our first posts will be Generation Wyandotte Q&A series where tribal citizen and Wyandotte Nation intern Addison Butcher sat down to talk with Chief Billy Friend and Second Chief Norman Hildebrand, Jr. Check them out as we release them!

The videos will mostly be educational and informational with a mix in of some of our events. If there is anything anybody would like to see, please let us know.

For more information, please contact Kim Garcia at (918) 678-6317 or at, or William Swaim at (918) 932-4778 or


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Senior Energy Program Available Nationwide

Tribal leadership have been working to expand social service programs to better serve all Wyandotte Nation citizens.  Beginning July 1st the Senior Energy Program will be the newest program available.  This program will provide utility assistance to citizens age 55 and over with $100.00 in the summer and $100.00 in the winter.  Please see the application for additional information.  The application can be found on the website under the “Community/Family Services” tab.  Citizens can also contact a member of the Family Services staff for applications or information at 918-678-6319 or 918-678-6329.

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Supplemental Health Program (Benny Card) information for tribal citizens

Wyandotte Nation Citizens Supplemental Health Program (aka the Benny card) information:

*December 31st is the last day to use your Benny card for 2018 expenses.  Any 2018 expenses that are billed after January 1, 2019 MUST be paid via a reimbursement by either submitting a claim form (included with post) or through the app.

*To check balances for your account you can do so by calling CoreSource at 800-990-9058 x42086, on the website or using the app.

*If you have a smart phone, please consider downloading the app!  You can check balances, submit claims, scan bar codes to find out if an item is an eligible expense and see your expenditures.  A flyer with instructions for the app is included with this post.

If you have questions please feel free to call the Family Services Department at 918-678-6319 or 918-678-6329.

To access the claim form and and the mobile app flyer, click on the image below:


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2018 Wyandotte Nation Election

The 2018 Wyandotte NationElection Results are in.

Norman Hildebrand was elected as Second Chief of the Wyandotte Nation at the Sept. 8, 2018, election and Annual Meeting at the Bearskin Healthcare & Wellness Center.

Election Results: 366 total ballots (6 spoiled ballots). Hildebrand–274; Robert Nesvold–92.

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Wyandotte Nation Warrior Society

The Wyandotte Nation is proud to announce the creation of the Wyandotte Nation Warrior Society. The goal of the society is to identify, and honor our tribal citizens who have served honorably in the Armed Forces.

Throughout our history the Wyandotte have always been fierce warriors. Chief Bearskin, who was a bomber pilot in World War II, is perhaps one of our greatest warriors. We honor his and all our veterans legacy with this society.

Wyandotte Nation Warrior Society Patch

The application is located on our website (see link below). Once completed and returned to the Tribal Heritage Department, with proof of service (either honorable discharge or DD 214 form), each veteran will receive a patch identifying membership in the warrior society.

We also hope to identify citizens who have an interest in joining the nations honor guard. Who carry on the tradition of honor and respect of our Warrior history.

To join the society, fill out the Warrior Application by clicking here, and print or email to:

Wyandotte Nation

Heritage Department

Attn: Sherri Clemmons

5 Council Fire Road

Wyandotte OK 74370

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For Wyandotte Nation citizens who received new Benny cards and are trying to activate them, you will use your 4 digit roll number. If your roll number is 1, 2 or 3 digits you will add zeros at the beginning of the number to make it 4 digits, for example, if your roll number 5 you will enter it as 0005. If you have additonal questions please feel free to call the Family Services offices at 918-678-6329 or 918-678-6319 or CoreSource at 800-990-9058 x42086.

Supplemental Health Information (Benny)

With the end of the year approaching we are receiving several calls and emails regarding Benny card balances. While we are happy to assist, we wanted to remind tribal citizens of the other options available with 24/7 access. Balances can be viewed at the website and there’s a great new app from CoreSource that will allow you to view balances AND claims, including the location/vendor. The app is titled “myCoreSource FSA/HRA” and I have included a photo for easy identification. The first time you log into the app your username will be your CoreSource MemberID which is WY000(your 4 digit roll number) and your password is your zipcode+your 4 digit roll number. After you have logged in the first time you can change both the username and password for easier access if you choose. If you have any questions regarding the app or the website feel free to call us at 918-678-6319 or 918-678-6329 or CoreSource at 800-990-9058 x42086.

Also be watching for replacement cards coming in December for those cards expiring this year.

This document will assist you with setting up your mobile app access.

Member Num Mobile and Website flyer_ (002)

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Wyandotte Nation and 7th Street Casino donate to Wyandotte County Museum

Attending a $10,000 check presentation from the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma to the Wyandotte County Museum today were, left to right, Edwardsville Mayor John McTaggart, Rebecca Meditz, president of the Wyandotte County Historical Society and Museum, Unified Government Commissioner Mike Kane, Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma Chief Billy Friend, Kansas City, Kansas, Unified Government Mayor David Alvey, Unified Government Commissioner Melissa Bynum and Wyandotte County Museum Director Trish Schurkamp. (Courtesy Photo)

Preserving the future of their past has been one of the themes of the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma, according to Chief Billy Friend.

As part of that historical preservation effort, today the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma presented the Wyandotte County Museum a check for $10,000. The museum is located at 126th and State Avenue inside the Wyandotte County Park at Bonner Springs.

Friend said one of his goals as a tribal leader is to make sure the next generations of the Wyandotte Nation know their history. For the past 10 years or more, he has brought busloads of Wyandottes to the museum to learn about their history, he said.

To read the full article, click here.

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Reminder to all Bearskin Clinic Tribal Patients

All appointments, including optometry, dental, audiology and PRC (Purchased/Referred Care), x-ray, laboratory, etc., must be approved prior to visit!
Failure to do so will result in denial of payment.

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Honor Guard looking to add youth  program

The Wyandotte Nation Honor Guard is exploring the opportunity to create a Junior Warrior Program. Participants can be either male or female, ages 12-17. The program will focus on mentoring of youth by using discipline, respect, tradition and community service. Participants will be asked to participate in a weekend training event and then support the Honor Guard at Pow Wows and other ceremonies. Members will be required to participate in quarterly community service events. Ribbon shirts and other items will be supplied at no cost to the participants.

We are looking for young people who have a strong desire to give back to the Nation and who will be good role models for their fellow youths.

For more information or to volunteer contact Dave Culver at

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*The program year began on January 1st and all active accounts were renewed. You will use your existing card until the expiration date at which time new cards will be sent.
*You can not use your Benny card for expenses that were incurred in 2016. If you have remaining funds from 2016 you have until February 28, 2017 to file a claim for reimbursement for eligible expenses. No exceptions. Claim forms can be found on the CoreSource website or by contacting the Family Services Department.
*Benny cards that were issued in December had an incorrect number. The correct number to call CoreSource is 800-990-9058 and ext 42086 will get you directly to a representative on our account. New cards WILL be sent to replace those at a later date.
*You can check account balances by calling the above CoreSource phone number during business hours or through the website 24/7 by setting up online access at
*Over the counter medications such as pain relievers and cold remedies can’t be purchased with the Benny card. However, some OTC medications are reimbusable if found medically neccessary by a physician.
*Statements are mailed quarterly with balances. If you aren’t receiving your statements please contact the Family Services Department to update your address.
As always the Family Services staff is available to assist you with the program, but there instances where we will need to refer you to CoreSource if we don’t know the answer. Please feel free to call and visit with us if you have questions about this program or any other programs facilitated by the Family Services Department.
Dana Butterfield, Director 918-678-6319
Tara Gragg, ICW Supervisor 918-678-6355
Leeanna Radabaugh, Assistant 918-678-6329
Tiffany Garner, ICW Worker/DV Advocate 918-678-6324

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Traditional Stories on iTunes

We are pleased to announce that some of our talented summer youth have been working hard to illustrate some of our traditional Wyandotte stories. Two of these stories are available now on iTunes. They are currently only available for Apple devices. We are in the process of making those available for android users. Will post when these are available. The book is entitled “Wyandotte Traditional Stories Vol. 1”.


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We’re on Facebook!

Stay up to date: Visit the Wyandotte Nation Facebook page. Click on the button below and ‘Like Us.’ There you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow Wyandottes, Wyandotte Nation staff, family and friends, as well as see all the latest news, photos and video from various tribe activities. FB

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