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The Gathering of Traditions

Hello, Friends –My name is Catherine Coon Johnson. I was born in 1851. I am a Wyandotte, of the Deer Clan. My Wyandotte name, Ya rona’a wi, means “she is sailing or floating in the sky.” WELCOME! Let me invite you to … Continue reading

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Pronouncing Waⁿdat Words 1

Kweh! Because we come from a literate society, we tend to think of writing as more important than speaking. But really it is the opposite! We all were speaking long before we could read or write. No one taught us … Continue reading

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Brenda House 2012 Honored Person

Brenda has worked for Wyandotte Nation since July of 1987.  She was originally hired as a cook for the Elder Service program (also known as Title VI).  She was later promoted to Head Cook and progressed her career by becoming … Continue reading

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The Language Blog Begins

Kweh ǫmateruʔ ! This is my first ever try at blogging, so please bear with me. First, I would like to thank everyone who came to the language classes during Culture Days recently. Tižamęh! And those who didn’t, you know … Continue reading

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